• The Confession (Paperback) | romantic books

    Sold By: Arifur Rahman

    What can one say about a legal system where an innocent man faces death row while a guilty man walks free? In 1998, Travis Boyette kidnapped and raped young Nikki Yarber in Slone, Texas. He then buried her body in Joplin, Missouri. After a frenzied investigation, the police convict and arrest Donté Drumm, an African American high school football player. Drumm has no relation to the crime, but society pins the crime on him because of the colour of his skin. After a swift hearing, he is sentenced to death. His execution is held back by the efforts of his lawyer, Robbie Flak, who tries his best to prove Drumm’s innocence. He is aided by African Americans who protest against the unfairness of the trial.

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