• Mistress Of The Game (Paperback) by Tilly Bagshawe

    Sold By: Arifur Rahman

    In Sheldon’s Master Of The Game, readers were introduced to the glamorous saga of the Blackwell family. The saga began with the Blackwell family patriarch, Jamie MacGregor, and the theft of diamonds from Africa. Then, the saga proceeded to the influential Kate Blackwell, MacGregor’s daughter, whose efforts turned a family business into a worldwide conglomerate.

    In Sidney Sheldon’s Mistress Of The Game, author Tilly Bagshawe picks up where Sheldon left off, with the next generation of the Blackwell family. In this sequel, time has not curtailed the family’s inclination for manipulation, passion, and domination. This book features the games played by Kate’s granddaughters, Alexandra and Eve. Each of the sisters battle it out to gain control of Kruger-Brent Ltd., a multi billion dollar corporation. Then, there is Lexi Templeton, who is the great-granddaughter of Kate Blackwell. She is an envious package of beauty and brains, who is determined to follow in her ancestors’ footsteps.

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