• Heroes of Olympus : The Blood of Olympus (Paperback) | thriller books

    Sold By: Arifur Rahman

    With Nico’s handy dandy shadow-travel ability, they’re able to zip between time zones with the statue in tow. They travel through Pompeii, Portugal, a cruise ship in the Atlantic, Puerto Rico, and South Carolina, all exotic locales in their own rights. Along the way, they fight hordes of undead and hordes of werewolves and are pursued by a psychopath named Orion.
    In Puerto Rico, Reyna’s home, Reyna reluctantly reunites with her sister, Hylla, who wants to use her as bait for Orion. Bad idea. Orion wipes out most of the Hunters of Artemis before Reyna can escape. (Don’t worry, sis is fine.) Orion catches up with Reyna near Camp Half-Blood, and Reyna summons her inner strength to defeat him.
    As Nico sabotages Octavian’s efforts to attack Camp-Half Blood, Reyna delivers the statue just in time…in time for Gaea to awaken, that is. Wait, how did that happen? Let’s go back to team one.
    Jason, Annabeth, and Piper learn that the strait of Corinth is chock full of death, and they have to go around the entire Peloponnese in order to reach Athens. They’re advised to seek out Nike, the goddess of victory, along the way. She mentions yet another prophecy: one of them…will…die. Le gasp! But she advises them to seek out the physician’s cure, which can bring someone back to life.

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