• The Politics of Land Law (Hardcover) | Book

    Sold By: Hat Bazar

    The Politics of Land Law

    • The land question is a politically emotive yet constitutionally forgotten issue in Bangladesh.
    • In this seminal work, the author examines the major land laws of Bangladesh and presents a thorough story of land law politics as a central thrust to the colonial and post-colonial enterprise.
    • The author shows how the land enactments in a developing post-colonial jurisdiction like Bangladesh have gone towards the disadvantage of the peasants and suggests what further role the law can play in addressing their poverty.
    • After the 1947 Partition, the abolition of the zamindary system (landlordism) offered an opportunity to carry out radical redistributive land reform in Bengal.
    • So was the case with post-independence settings after 1971. Unfortunately, both opportunities went astray. The Bangladeshi land laws are complex, vague and dominated by politics.
    • The land law regime has structural loopholes and ideological drawbacks, which are enough to make reform attempts dysfunctional.
    563.00৳ 650.00৳ 
    Sold By: Hat Bazar

    The Politics of Land Law (Hardcover) | Book

    563.00৳ 650.00৳ 

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